Make up Parade


The Makeup Parade is a truly exciting experience that fuses spectacle and interaction with attendees in a unique way. In this captivating show, a group of talented young women, dressed in elegant period costumes that evoke the beauty of times past, dazzle the audience with their makeup artistry. In less than 10 minutes, these expert artists transform the volunteers from the audience into authentic living works of art, leaving everyone in awe of their skill and creativity. It is a magical journey through aesthetics and glamour, where the past meets modernity in a visual symphony of colors and shapes that delights the senses and captivates the hearts of those lucky enough to witness it.



  • Duration: 2 passages of 2h30 each
  • Day, afternoon and night
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • The products used are hypoallergenic and are easily removed with clean water* like all websites of today, uses cookies. By continuing to browse you accept our Cookies Policy.