Experience sustainability in action with our energy-generating bike service for green events. We offer a variety of options, including:

- Ecological Scalextric: Relive the excitement of traditional Scalextric using controls or pedaling our bicycles. The usual Scalextric played like never before.

- Sustainable Charging: Power your USB devices and computers with the energy produced by bicycles. 100% sustainable charging stations.

- Interactive Lighting: Make figures gradually light up as you pedal: whether it's a totem, a logo or a route on a map.

- Fun Inflation: Give away balloons or enjoy an exciting competition to see who can pop the balloon first.

- Christmas Decoration: As you pedal, the Christmas tree decoration gradually lights up, whether made from recycled or traditional materials.

- Power Generation Competition: Counts the electricity generated by each participant and displays the results on a television screen with Excel graphs.

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