Urban Rallyes - BCN


Come discover Barcelona from a different perspective!

Counting with our high knowledge of the catalan capital, the support of our artists network, we have created diffrent kind of activities, treasure hunts, gymkhana and street routes.

Each one is a bespoke proposal: logistics, schedules, themes and challenges. We add our artistic touch with encounters and challenges to create a different experience!

Each group has to make their trip thanks to a road book and some clues solved thanks to team spirit.

A fun and dynamic way to discover the city and culture of Barcelona in teams.

o Rally in the Gothic

o Ciné challenge

o Rally Street Art and initiation

o Pirate Murder-Party

o Spanish gymkhana

o Underground route

o Gastronomy: tapas routes, sangria challenges, rally / market tours

o Route of the 5 senses

o Between Sea and Land

o Secret Route of the Arts

o Barcelona Xpress

o Barcelona Trip

o Storytelling



  • Groups: from 10 to 400 pax
  • City: Barcelona - ask for others cities
  • Format: Competiting, Gaming, Discovering
  • NB: each Rally is customized to your company
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