Balance, technique and live art are the key characteristics of this unique show. Our artist is the backbone from which the creativity arises to accomplish a gigantic live sculpture made of palm tree branches supporting each other. It is an exciting proposal for the risks and difficulties involved, as any little distraction or change in its structure could make it break down.

The resulting picture shows an improvised ecosystem as the extension of the acrobat's limbs, a metaphor for the importance of each element in accomplishing big projects. It is an emotive and sensory journey inviting calm and reflection in a world that goes too fast. It is important to highlight that this performance is part of Cirque du Soleil's 'Amaluna' show.



  • Stage space with a minimum diameter of 6 meters
  • Indoor only - Air con not allowed
  • Show duration: between 8 and 12 minutes
  • Rehearsal with lighting
  • Silence is required during the show like all websites of today, uses cookies. By continuing to browse you accept our Cookies Policy.