Audiometrage is brought to you by one of the new digital musician of the 21st Century, Dani Cantero, who puts into play the ultimate version of the audiovisual tool Reactable. During the performance new sounds are explored as the artist controls the tangible objects based on the translucent and luminous round music interface, transforming sound into an image in a blink?of an eye.

This audiovisual live performance can be performed at all sorts of events as it displays of a variety in musical creativity, adapting itself to any musical instrument or style with different compositional scenes. It can be predefined and put together in a broad range of down tempo electronica (ambient, chill out, lounge), in more uplifting danceable rhythms as in techno, trance and house music and more complex experimental soundscapes and brings a real impact to the visitors. like all websites of today, uses cookies. By continuing to browse you accept our Cookies Policy.