UV Painting - Quim Moya


The art is painted with white paint on white background. Only a few details are done in colour to confuse the audience. Wakefulness is done in a second, when the artist uncovers a hotbed of black light leaving the visual content appearing fluorescent colour instantly.

Exclusive Creartys’ artist, Quim Moya is surely the most famous Spanish painter performer and living also a brilliant international career. In constant search of innovation and responding at the best way to the Event market, he has developed new live painting techniques to let your audience amazed. His performances create a unique artistic moment with the advantage to customize each artwork contain to the client needs. Furthermore, the clients can own the final canvas signed by the artist.

Quim Moya can propose different techniques of SpeedPainting which are:

- Digital Speed Painting

- Glow SpeedPainting

- Glitter Art

- Upside Down

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